The Not-So-Straight-Shooters


Paula Borman

Paula Borman grew up on the border of Indiana and Kentucky drinking Ten High Bourbon and  Ginger Ale.

Photography has been a long love, and her first photo credit was an image featured in Hotrod Magazine at the tender age of 16.

If you see Paula crawling on the floor of your  bar or theater, don't worry. That's a good thing. She's probably just taking a picture no one else is going to get.


Paul Vriend

Son of an itinerant minister with a roving eye and a mother who played patty-cake as a child in the dirt of a Navajo reservation in New Mexico, Paul represents the penultimate expression of this at-once pure yet unholy union.  He grew up under the shadow of the Leduc oilfields in western Canada and came to the U.S. when he was 12 with nothing more than a single seat toboggan and a pair of ice skates.  

He was first introduced to the incomparable wail of George Jones listening to AM radio in the 80s. And he's one of the few people in Chicago that  have actually seen The Possum live in concert.  One of his favorite memories is the night Dale Watson dedicated a song to him (Window Up Above) during a show at the Continental Club in Austin.

Both  live in Chicago just a couple of lonesome train stops away from the Empty Bottle.